Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tax Disclosures Could Cost Rangel His Rent-Controlled Apartments

At some point this despicable human being will face some measure of justice. It's pretty obvious the inept Nancy Pelosi won't dismiss him from his chairmanship of the House Ways and Mean Committee, but now it appears Charles Rangel's belated tax disclosures of unreported income may have put him above the threshold for income levels to qualify for rent-controlled housing in New York.

Just imagine the hardship of possibly having to give up those four luxury apartments.
Rep. Charles Rangel's tax disclosures not only are an embarrassment for the Democratic congressman - they put him far over the limit to qualify for his rent-stabilized Harlem apartments.

While the powerful Ways and Means chairman previously disclosed income at or slightly above the $175,000-a-year stabilization ceiling on previous congressional documents, new revelations could put his earnings at more than $200,000 a year.

The disclosure could put pressure on Rangel to give up his New York housing perks, critics say.

Rangel has so far kept his chairmanship but faces increasing criticism from Republicans and even had to tow his vintage Mercedes-Benz from a House parking garage after The Post revealed that it had been parked there against congressional rules.

According to his congressional disclosure reports, Rangel paid $3,894 a month in 2007 for four apartments in Lenox Terrace, a 1,700-unit luxury complex often described as Harlem's most prestigious address.

The market rent for such units is between $7,465 to $8,125, according to the Web site of the building's owner, the Olnick Organization.

Although Rangel gave up the unit he used as an office, the other three are used as a sprawling residence by him and his wife, Alma.
Must be nice to have four apartments costing less than $1000 a month each on average.

I figure this grifter will find a way to finagle out of this and will manage to keep the apartments, but at some point it would be nice if his constituents snapped out of their stupor and voted this bum out of office.

Yes, I know, keep dreaming.

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