Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rangel Writes a Few Checks to the IRS, Then Plays the Victim

This disgusting human being winds up writing a few checks for $10,800 and then plays the victim card. There really is no justice in this world.

Maybe he should crack a few jokes about babies with Down Syndrome just for good measure.
Rep. Charles Rangel wrote six checks for about $10,800 in back taxes, and then penned an open letter to New Yorkers Friday, saying he has done nothing dishonorable and is the target of a GOP "guerrilla war."

Rangel, the dean of the New York congressional delegation, has faced a string of embarrassing revelations — he didn't pay taxes on rental income for a beach house in the Dominican Republic; he used three rent-stabilized apartments in Harlem, including one for a campaign office; he used his congressional stationery to drum up private donations to a college center named after him.
The mystery is why this slob isn't in prison like normal people would be after constantly breaking the law.
A House ethics committee plans to investigate, and Republicans have called for the 19-term congressman to be removed from his powerful position as chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee. After private meetings with House Democratic leaders earlier this week, Rangel was able to keep the post.

"Last July, the Republican Party declared guerrilla war against Democrats and since then has made every effort to smear me and members of my party," Rangel wrote in the letter.

"My record in the Ways and Means Committee and 38 years in Congress is unassailable, so they've pried into my private life and used insinuation and half-truths to write stories that sell papers," Rangel wrote.
Oh, so exposing criminal wrongdoing is smearing someone?

Actually, it wasn't the GOP that declared guerrilla war, it was the New York Times. But hey, why quibble with the details?

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