Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama Memo Acknowledges McCain Will Eat Him Alive Tonight

Talk about lowering expectations. This is basically conceding Obama is a total lightweight on tonight's subject, foreign policy, and says that barring a catastrophic gaffe from McCain, the community organizer will look OK if he's not quivering in the fetal position by night's end.

Plays loose with the truth, of course, but what do you expect when you're candidate is a total zero?
If he slips up, makes a mistake, or fails to deliver a game-changing performance, it will be a serious blow to his campaign. Given his unsteady performance this week, he desperately needs to win this debate in a big way in order to change the topic and get back to his home turf.
Such smarmy arrogance befitting a man who has no accomplishments in life but two memoirs.

Update: Good Lord, is there any level of dishonesty Obama won't sink to? (Via Hot Air.)

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