Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pakistan Troops Fire at U.S. Choppers

I guess they're not really our friends, as if they ever were.
Pakistani troops fired on U.S. helicopters which had crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan on Thursday, the Pakistani military said.

In a conflicting version of the incident, the U.S. military denied the aircraft had flown into Pakistani territory. There were no casualties nor were the helicopters damaged, NATO said.

The shooting took place amid rising tension between Pakistan and the United States -- normally close allies in the U.S-led "war on terror" -- after U.S. troops launched missile attacks and a helicopter-borne ground assault into Pakistan this month.

The Islamabad government condemned those raids and said it would not tolerate any infringement on its territory.

Pakistan said its soldiers fired warning shots at the helicopters on Thursday after they intruded into Pakistani airspace, a Pakistani military spokesman said.

"There were two helicopters from Afghanistan that crossed into Pakistani territory," spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas said. "Our soldiers fired warning shots and those helicopters returned fire and flew back."
Keep it up, folks. When you're completely overrun by the Islamonazis, don't plan on getting much help.

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