Monday, September 22, 2008

'Our Founding Fathers Were Community Organizers'

Is it possible for the left to move on from the community organizer crack from Sarah Palin? It's been nearly three weeks now and clearly the joke struck a nerve.

First the Obama people put out the incredibly lame Jesus Was a Community Organizer bit making the absurd comparison between Barack Obama and Jesus Christ.

Now we have actress Laura Linney injecting politics into the Emmy Awards last night by making the idiotic statement that the founding fathers of the United States were also community organizers. That's right, men who put their lives on the line to help create the United States were akin to a street activist from Chicago.

Really, these people should stick to reading scripts and keep the silliness to themselves.
Meanwhile Linney, who played Adams' wife and confidante Abigail, could not resist a political barb after collecting her prize.

Linney said the mini-series was a tribute to "the great community organizers that helped form our country", a clear reference to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, a former community organizer.

Later, Linney took aim at Republican critics of Obama who have mocked his former work as a community organizer.

"I just have the most tremendous respect for anyone who serves their community," Linney said. "Our founding fathers were community organizers. And that is fact to me. And I feel that has been disparaged.

"I don't think anyone should be disrespected for their service no matter who they are or no matter what party they're in."
Get over it already.

Tom Hanks also weighed in on politics.
"The election between Jefferson and Adams was filled with innuendo, lies, a bitter partisan press and disinformation," said Tom Hanks, a "John Adams" producer. "How great we've come so far since then."
Uh, Tom, which side exactly is the press partisan to? I'll give you a hint. It isn't the GOP.

Former make believe president Martin Sheen also weighed in.
Martin Sheen, who played a president on "The West Wing," lauded television for giving America a front-row seat to real presidential campaigns. Then he urged viewers to vote for "the candidate of your choice, at least once."
In what was apparently a not very funny opening, Howie Mandell took a swipe at Sarah Palin. How original.
"We are on Sarah Palin's bridge to nowhere," Mandel told the Nokia Theatre audience.
Are these people really that desperate for material that they just make this stuff up? Are they so out of touch they don't realize Palin has nothing to do with that?

No wonder the ratings for these programs keep shriveling.

Hot Air links. Thanks!

Update: Good news! Last night's show was the lowest rated ever.


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