Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a Guy: Biden Plans to 'Go Easy' on Palin

How's this for irony? The human gaffe machine plans to take it easy on the poor, beleaguered Sarah Palin if she commits a gaffe during their debate Thursday.

How magnanimous of him.
If Sarah Palin goofs, flounders, stumbles or blunders during her debate against Joe Biden on Thursday night, Biden is going to let it slide.

“If she makes a gaffe, he underplays it,” one of the people prepping Biden for his vice presidential debate told me. “At most, he says, ‘I am not sure what Gov. Palin meant there.’”

There are three reasons for this. First, Biden does not want to look condescending. For the same reason, he plans on referring to Palin as “Gov. Palin” during the debate and never as “Sarah.” (He will sometimes refer to John McCain as “John,” however, because they have been senators together for many years.)

Second, Biden knows the press is going to pounce on any mistakes, and so he does not need to.

Third, and most important, Sarah Palin is not Biden’s true target.

“Joe Biden’s No. 1 job during the vice presidential debate is to keep the focus on the top of the ticket,” the Biden debate prepper told me. “He is going to keep the focus on John McCain.”
No word on what Palin will do when Biden shoves both feet in his own mouth. Clearly, the media will overlook that, not wanting to appear condescending to the esteemed Senator, who, apparently to the media, doesn't commit colossal blunders.

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