Sunday, September 21, 2008

NFL Week 3

We went 8-6-1 in Week 2, leaving us at 17-13-1 through the first two weeks. Of course, we'd have had nine wins except muscleheaded referee Ed Hochuli mysteriously decided to blow the whistle in the middle of what would have been the deciding play in the San Diego-Denver game.

You suppose the Chargers will be eager to take their frustrations out on the Jets Monday night? Well, they better or otherwise they're facing an 0-3 hole from which they may not recover. A host of other teams considered contenders have also started 0-2 this year, including Minnesota and Jacksonville. The Vikings have already benched Tarvaris Jackson and are now riding their hopes on Gus Frerotte. Good luck with that.

GIANTS -13.5 Bengals: Some people consider the Super Bowl champions only the third best team in their division, which is the way they like it. That disrespect will manifest itself in a beatdown of the league's most dysfunctional team, the Ocho Stinkos. Marvin Lewis may not make it through September. Giants 30-7

FALCONS -5.5 Chiefs: Not only did Kansas City get smoked at home by the lowly Raiders last week, but now they have someone named Tyler Thigpen, the pride of Coastal Carolina, starting at QB. Raise your hands all of you who've heard of this guy. Falcons 27-6

BILLS -9.5 Raiders: Bills are solid on offense, defense and special teams. Oakland is as solid as pudding. Bills 31-3

TITANS -5 Texans: Tennessee looks to make the locals forget about the Vols, which won't be difficult. Titans 20-13

Cardinals +3 REDSKINS: Arizona at 3-0? You read it here, folks. With Kurt Warner playing like it's 1999, it's possible. Cardinals 24-20

PATRIOTS -12.5 Dolphins: That Matt Cassel isn't all that bad. Sitting on the bench at USC does have its benefits. Patriots 34-6

Buccaneers +3 BEARS: Chicago fans euphoric over their Cubbies may be in a forgiving mood, for this week, at least. Buccaneers 16-13

VIKINGS -3.5 Panthers: Frerotte will get it done for this week, at least. Then he'll remember he's a career backup. Carolina due for a letdown after pulling off two late wins. Vikings 26-20

SEAHAWKS -9.5 Rams: Seattle is another surprise 0-2 team that gets to take their frustrations out on arguably the league's worst team. Seahawks 37-7

Lions +4 49ERS: I recommend doing some yard work if this game is on in your area. Lions 27-24

SAINTS +5.5 Broncos: All signs point to a shootout. Denver reportedly sent Ed Hochuli a gift basket earlier this week. Saints 30-28

Steelers +3.5 EAGLES: Philly looks to have a potent offense, but what happens when Donovan McNabb inevitably breaks down? Eagles win the wild one this week, but eventually will crash and burn. Eagles 31-28

Jaguars +5 COLTS: Indy is fortunate to not be 0-2. Jags staring at the abyss if they don't get a win soon. It won't be here, but they'll keep it close. Colts 16-13

Browns +2.5 RAVENS: Cleveland was overrated coming into the season and has done little to impress anyone. Another team in desperate shape if they don't start notching some wins. Browns 20-14

Cowboys -3 PACKERS: While Aaron Rodgers sure looks like the real deal, can he keep pace with the Dallas offense? Cowboys get their first-ever win in Green Bay, but it won't be easy. As always, The Olbermann Rule is in effect. Cowboys 30-24

CHARGERS -9 Jets: Might be time for the Jets to start utilizing Brett Favre in the passing game. Chargers might be playing scared now. Angry, but scared. Chargers 27-17

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