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Evidence Free Blogging: HuffPo Sleuth Links Joe the Plumber to Charles Keating

It's all too good to be true, therefore it is. Newfound celebrity Joe Wurzelbacher happens to share the last name of a man involved in the Keating 5 scandal, and this genius connects the dots.
Just when you didn't think things could get worse for John McCain -- they go in the toilet.


So, you remember Joe the Plumber, who John McCain kept relentlessly bringing up. And up. The apparently undecided plumber who had complained to Barack Obama that he couldn't buy his own plumbing company because he'd have to pay 3% more in taxes. The plumber who John McCain lauded as an Everyman while oddly proclaiming "Congratulations! You're rich!" in the midst of a disastrous recession. The fellow who said that Barack Obama "tap dances better than Sammy Davis Jr."

That guy.

Well, it turns out he's the one gliding around the dance floor so much, you should expect to see him soon on "Dancing with the Stars."

You see, Joe Wurzelbacher is apparently related to Robert Wurzelbacher. Who is the son-in-law of (are you ready...?) Charles Keating!

Yes, that Charles Keating. The Charles Keating of the Keating 5 Scandal. For which John McCain was reprimanded by the United States Senate, for his involvement in attempting to illegally influence government regulators. The Charles Keating who John McCain has been trying to avoid have mentioned. So, he basically mentioned it 24 times.

(By the way, lost in all the attention paid to John McCain not getting the same career-ending censure by the Senate, as did the other four defendants - the reason for that is because he'd been in the House of Representatives at the time of his transgression. The Senate decided that they didn't have jurisdiction over him to give the same penalty. So, his career was saved.)

Anyway, back to Robert Wurzelbacher, Joe the Plumber's father. You see, Robert Wurzelbacher was an executive of American Continental Corporation, the parent company of Charles Keating's Lincoln Savings. That's the bank which caused citizens to lose their life savings and cost U.S. taxpayers $3.4 billion. As part of that scandal, Robert Wurzelbacher pleaded guilty to three counts of misapplying $14 million and served 40 months in prison.

And now, Lincoln Savings, Robert Wurzelbacher and Joe the Plumber are back with John McCain.
Naturally, Robert J. Elisberg provides no evidence or links that the two are related.

This isn't guilt by association, it's guilt by virtue of having the same last name as someone. Sweet. Love this new standard.

So this must be the new--are your ready?--October surprise!Just one problem, as some commenters try to talk Elisberg off the ledge.
The funny thing is, the guy was playing football in his own front yard when Obama walked up to him.


Mr. Wurzelbacher was playing football in his front yard with his son, Joey, on Sunday afternoon when Mr. Obama made an unscheduled stop to go door to door greeting voters and asking for their support.

But that will not prevent people from claiming that this is some kind of McCain operation. Insane Andrew Sullivan is already on the case.
Indeed, the man obsessed with Trig Palin apparently was on the case, but has retracted his latest insanity, using the scrupulously meticulous Daily Kos as a source.
Robert M. Wurzelbacher, son-in-law of Keating, was 37 years old in 1991 when federal charges were filed against Keating. It appears that he has addresses in Phoenix and Coronado, CA.

The Robert M. Wurzelbacher of Milford, OH, a heavy donor to GOP candidates, is 83 years old and retired. They're not the same person.

Digging to see if this guy is a plant or a hypocrite is a good idea. But I think it's equally important to know the link before idle speculation.
Savor the delicious irony of the left digging for plants.

On Wednesday there was a wild rumor making the rounds on several conservative blogs citing a dubious source that claimed Michelle Obama went on a racist rant and they were widely dismissed contemptuously.

Today we have Andrew Sullivan, Daily Kos and Huffington Post, three of the leading blogs on the left, printing wild accusations, all meant to destroy a guy who happened to be approached by Barack Obama for a photo op.

Having now forfeited all credibility, will they be the subject of widespread ridicule? And why should anyone trust what these blogospheric kingpins ever have to say?

I guess they're answering to a higher calling than salvaging self-respect and credibility.

Which is why many of their cohorts are already on an ugly seek-and-destroy mission against Joe the Plumber.

How dare he question The Messiah!
Thank God we live in a free country, where you can speak your mind on public issues, without fear that those who disagree will respond by exposing anything you've ever done that you regret or that could embarrass your family.

Oh, wait, never mind. We have to know, according to some, about Joe the Plumber's tax lien, and how he doesn't have a license - which, if the smear artists bothered to check the law, he only needs for commercial work, not residential work.

This is the way our opponents operate now. Destroy anyone who stands in your way. Humiliate them. Make sure that anyone else who ever wants to skeptically question Barack Obama knows that every last bit of their dirty laundry will be aired for all the world to see. Bristol Palin, Trig Palin, — hey, it's all fair game. They've got to make an example of them. Show them that this sort of dangerous speech won't be allowed in the New America.
Now let them choke on this:

Michelle Malkin traces the roots of Joe the Plumber Derangement Syndrome. Meanwhile, Allahpundit notes it's getting uglier now.

I still say he's got a future in TV.

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