Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama Snags Another Key GOP Endorsement; Update: Foley Denies Story

The guy who likely cost the GOP the House of Representatives in 2006 is now endorsing The Messiah.

He's all yours, Democrats.
What they both said was how great Foley looked, and he was particularly excited about Colin Powell's endorsement that morning of Obama. Foley said he also favors Obama.

And Foley also expressed some pleasure in watching the latest developments from his old Florida district: His successor, Democrat Tim Mahoney, is now in trouble for a series of extramarital affairs.
Been wondering why nobody has asked him about Mahoney.

Speaking of that lowlife Mahoney, to no surprise his wife has filed for divorce. We may see a rare GOP blowout in his district.
Private Republican and Democratic polls showed Mahoney with a comfortable lead over Republican challenger Tom Rooney early this month. But a post-scandal poll by the Rooney campaign last week showed the Republican with a 55-to-29 percent lead over Mahoney.
Still, outside of South Florida, the national media has zero interest in the story. They couldn't get enough of Foley's foibles in 2006.

What media double standard?

Hot Air links. Thanks!

Update: Rush Limbaugh read a statement from Foley denying he endorsed Obama, claimed he'd already voted early in Florida but wouldn't say who he voted for.

Thanks for clearing that up, Mark.

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