Saturday, October 11, 2008

Palin Drops Puck, Republic Survives

The way some hysterical sportswriters were acting, you'd have thought that Sarah Palin, renowned hockey mom, dropping the puck at a hockey game was endangering national security.

Well, it appears the Alaska governor made it through unscathed, surely much to the chagrin of wild-eyed Obamatons hoping for anarchy on the ice.
In a city that is known for booing Santa Claus, things didn't go so bad for Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin.

In fact, the City of Brotherly Love gave her a mixed welcome at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia before the Flyers started their season against the New York Rangers. Some oddmakers were putting even money on the crowd decidely booing her.

Palin was invited by Flyers owner Ed Snider to drop the ceremonial first puck of the season, and was joined at center ice by two of her daughters and the winner of a team promotion for the "Ultimate Hockey Mom." And she even got a polite peck on the cheek from Rangers' captain Scott Gomez, who is a native of Alaska.
Some clown already posted this on YouTube and claims she's booed loudly. You decide.

The non-partisan observers at the Huffington Post ecstatically claim she was greeted by "almost deafening" boos.

Update: More from Gateway Pundit and Hot Air.

The New York Times, naturally, is aghast.
The biggest problem: when Palin came out onto the Wachovia Center ice Saturday night — greeted by resounding (almost deafening) boos from the Flyers crowd — the two hockey players who had no choice but to appear with her in that photo op were turned into props in a political campaign. If Rangers center Scott Gomez or Flyers center Mike Richards wanted to make some sort of political statement, that would be fine, but in this case, they were thrust into a situation not of their choosing. Snider put them there with his ill-advised mixing of politics and sports.

The level of discomfort has been palpable for the Rangers’ two Alaska natives, Gomez and Brandon Dubinsky, as they have been asked questions about Palin and the election in recent weeks. Dubinsky, a 22-year-old who has shied away from nothing since he broke in with the Rangers last year, looks petrified when the topic is brought up. I think both would rather play goalie in a shootout than weigh in on the presidential election.
The nutjobs are lapping it up.

Update: How lame is this?

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