Monday, October 13, 2008

Voter Fraud You Can Believe In: Every Form Turned In By ACORN At One Location Is Bogus

These ACORN morons aren't even bright enough to come up with fake names that might pass the smell test.

So get this. They turn in 5000 new voter registration forms in Indiana, election officials start checking them and give up after the first 2100 were found to be fraudulent.

Props to CNN for actually reporting this.

Since the rest of the media would prefer to ignore this, the GOP is reduced to sending out PR transcripts. Note this conversation is different that the video above, related to the topic.
DREW GRIFFIN: Right, I mean this is Lake County, Indiana, but ACORN's in trouble all across the country with it's a huge voter-registration drive. Actually, 1.3 million new voters registered according to ACORN. The problem is, are they really voters? Up in Lake County, Indiana, they're finding out they are not. Some 5,000 applications came in, all filled out by ACORN, and there they are. They went through the first 2,100 of them, every single one of them, fraudulent. And I want to show you how they knew.

CHETRY: How did you know? Ok, alright.

GRIFFIN: Alright, so these are the ladies who had to go through it. Here are some samples they gave me. Take a look at this one, here is Bob States, Terror Strongs and Shea Boons, all signing on the same day. Obviously these are all the same person, filling out the same signatures, if you look at the S's. That's one, ok. That's all fake. Here's Levy McIntosh. Levy McIntosh, he registered to vote, let me get the date here, it's 8-1-08, you get that? Let me get my hand out of the way 8-1-08. He registered to vote in Lake County. The problem is, Levy died. Levy died on November 16th of 2007. Alright, so it's going to be hard for him to vote, let alone register to vote as a new voter in Lake County. So that's obvious fraud.

CHETRY: Could be interesting.
Could be interesting??? A massive voter fraud effort on a level never before seen and it could be interesting?

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