Sunday, October 19, 2008

'You Are Way Hotter in Person'

I didn't see the point to the whole exercise, but it came off without a hitch. And wouldn't you know, they didn't boo her off the set.
The scene then switched backstage to the real Palin and the show’s producer Lorne Michaels who were accosted by outspoken, left-leaning actor Baldwin, who said “Hey Tina” before proceeding to trash Palin.

The skit played off Fey’s remarkable resemblance to Palin and seeming ability to channel her voice and manner, with Baldwin appearing to think he was talking to Fey while insulting Palin repeatedly. Informed by Michaels he was speaking to Palin herself, he quipped, “You are way hotter in person.”

Baldwin, who co-stars on hit comedy TV show “30 Rock” with Fey, then left to whisper to Fey, at the press conference, that the real Palin was on hand. “What? The real one? Bye!” she said, fleeing. Palin then took her place.
Baldwin, of all people, played it like a good sport. But seriously, he's got to drop about 50 pounds.

Meanwhile, the angry left checks in.

I wish I could find some code, but for now you can see the video here.

Update: Here's some video:

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