Tuesday, August 24, 2010

'If You Don't Know What These Symbols Mean Then the Message is Useless'

When we last heard from Russell Simmons it seemed he was under the influence of some heavy narcotics as he assigned blame for the 1993 World Trade Center attack to Christians. Well, maybe it wasn't drugs. I think the guy is just out of his mind.
Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons is using his apartment overlooking Ground Zero to send an artistic message of peaceful coexistence to mosque opponents.

Passersby seemed to think the display - a series of religious icons across windows of his Liberty St. pad - may be a little too symbolic.

"It looks more like astrology signs," said Ayo Aduroja, 45, of Staten Island, glancing up on Tuesday afternoon.

Simmons teamed up with artist Glen Friedman for the installation, which uses the symbols to creatively spell out "coexist."

"I hope some yogi sees om. I hope that some Christian sees the cross. I hope that some Jewish person sees Star of David. I want people to see their images," Simmons said. "That's the idea to coexist and to learn to love each other."

Three other windows are emblazoned with slogans:"MARK 12:31," a reference to the "love thy neighbor" Bible verse; "USA = FREE," and "IT'S THE LAW."

Simmons supports the proposal for a mosque and community center two blocks from Ground Zero.

"I'm appalled that there's even a dialogue about it...Roughly two billion muslims in the world did not attack us," he said.

"America is using the mosque and Ground Zero as a mask for its own Islamophia."
Two billion Muslims? Huh? Again it appears he's confusing Christianity and Islam. It's curious how someone wants everyone to coexist but sees no need for the cherished "dialogue" the left only wants as long as they're the ones doing the talking and giving the orders. Meanwhile, folks in Lower Manhattan are scratching their head over what the hell message this blithering idiot is trying to convey.
He said he got the idea of decorating his windows around 10 a.m. Monday while exercising on his StairMaster.

He made a quick call to Friedman, who had helped him post a anti-war message in the top-floor windows in the summer of 2004.

By 5 p.m. paper images were taped to the top floor windows. He plans to keep them there through Sept. 11.

While some New Yorkers applauded his effort, they wondered if the message would get lost.

"I think a lot people don't know what those symbols mean," said Robin King, 49, of Bedford-Stuyvesant. "If you don't know what these symbols mean then the message is useless."

Randy Harris, 55, of Jamaica, Queens, called it "ambigious."

"It's an attempt, but it says nothing," he said, standing on Cortland St. "I wouldn't look at that and say, 'Let's all get along.'"
I look at it and say the guy needs to see a doctor about his obvious head trauma.

Speaking of head trauma, yet another deep thinker in the liberal media decided it's time for a lecture. These people just don't get how far out of touch with mainstream America they are.

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