Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jeremiah Wright: People Who Think Obama's Muslim are 'Sycophants'

Maybe the media can borrow some of those ebonics translators from the DEA and have them available for stories on the loony Jeremiah Wright. Here you have the AP releasing a story where they claim the nutty Wright called people who believe Barack Obama is a Muslim are psychopaths.

The Associated Press has withdrawn its story about Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Wright referred to people who wrongly believe Obama is Muslim as "sycophants," not psychopaths.

A corrected story will be sent shortly.
Here's a corrected version, and Wright isn't making much sense either way.
The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, President Barack Obama's controversial former pastor, accused people who wrongly believe Obama is Muslim of catering to political enemies during a fiery speech Sunday in Arkansas.

In his sermon at New Millennium Church in Little Rock, Wright criticized supporters of the Iraq war and defended former state Court of Appeals Judge Wendell Griffen for speaking out against it. Griffen serves as the church's pastor.

Wright's only reference to Obama came when he compared Griffen's opponents to those who incorrectly think Obama is Muslim. The president, whose full name is Barack Hussein Obama, is Christian.

"Go after the military mindset ... and the enemy will come after you with everything," Wright told the packed church.

"He will surround you with sycophants who will criticize you and ostracize you and put you beyond the pale of hope and say 'you ain't really a Baptist' and say 'the president ain't really a Christian, he's a Muslim. There ain't no American Christian with a name like Barack Hussein,'" he added.
What the hell is he talking about?

The Hill put up an item a few hours ago and it still uses psychopaths in the headline

Obama, meanwhile, remains very thin-skinned about it and the dreaded "birther" issue.

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