Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Profiles in Courage: Obamas Dine Out Despite Rain

Can these people be any more selfless and sacrificing? Who'd have thought the Obamas would endure such hardships on our behalf that they would actually leave their luxury compound to brave some raindrops in pursuit of dinner?
More drenching rain and wind gusts are in the forecast Tuesday for the vacationing President Barack Obama.

A weather front that moved in Sunday has helped keep Obama and his family out of public view during the last few days on Martha's Vineyard off Cape Cod.

Mostly, the Obamas have remained at their rented vacation farm complex. However, Monday night, braving a howling rainstorm, Obama and his wife, Michelle, finally managed to dine out.
Finally managed to dine out after enduring four excruciating days dining at a $20 million home.

What sacrifice. Reminds me of those darks says when Obama had to actually stand in the rain to read some words from a TelePrompter.

What toughness. Only he can transcend the rain.

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