Monday, August 23, 2010

President Smails Tears Up the Environmentally Friendly Golf Course

Seems if Barack Obama wants to shed the notion he's a closet Muslim, maybe one of these years he might actually want to show up in a church, if only for window dressing. But I guess his nonstop quest to learn how to play golf is interrupting all that.
Perhaps the Leader of the Free World is a little sensitive about his game. Because our spies report that Barry was hacking away at a ball in the bunker on the 12th hole - a la Judge Elihu Smails - before giving up and throwing it onto the green. Shades of Bill Clinton!

Anyway, it was Obama’s second outing to the posh, private golf club since landing Thursday on The Rock. The prez teed off at 8:30 a.m. under cloudy, drizzly skies. A perfect day to be inside. Like, say, in church!

Now you’d think, with polls showing that one in five Americans believe Obama is a Muslim - and with the furor over the president’s flip-flops on the Ground Zero mosque - that his White House handlers might have orchestrated a nice little photo op of the first family doing a little vacation worshiping yesterday morning.

Because, despite the administration’s insistence that Barry is a Christian and that he prays daily, most Americans have noticed that Obama rarely attends church. That’s a noticeable departure from previous presidents, such as George W. Bush and Clinton, who were on their knees every Sunday.

Of course, the last time Obama had a regular church, it was Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright fame, and, well, we all know how that turned out.

The president’s handlers have said Obama doesn’t attend services regularly because he doesn’t want to be “hugely disruptive to congregations.” This is apparently not an issue on the golf course.
While Obama apparently hasn't got much game on the course and he's golfing at an exclusive, elitist club, at least it's environmentally friendly, according to his stenographers at the AP.

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