Sunday, August 22, 2010

Massive Outpouring in Support of Ground Zero Mosque

Special bonus points if anyone can ID a Journolister in the photo. I guess the beautiful people in the media couldn't make it to Lower Manhattan today so they farmed it out to this bunch.

Via the Daily Mail. More on events today down at Ground Zero.
Supporters and opponents of the "Ground Zero mosque" clashed as they took to the streets this morning and held dueling rallies near the controversial site.

A group of 150 supporters of the planned mosque and community center gathered at the corner West Broadway and Murray Street in Lower Manhattan and shouted, "Fascists get out!" while waving signs declaring, "Stop the fear and hate."

Some 500 opponents of the project stood just a block away on the corner of West Broadway and Park Place chanting, "USA!" as they waved signs demanding, "No clubhouse for terrorists."
The Daily News calls it hysteria.

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