Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer of Hate: Gunshot Fired at GOP Office

I blame the extremist rhetoric of the left-wing media and Democrats for spreading the hate. They keep stirring the pot with their extremist rhetoric and it's only a matter of time before one of their deranged followers takes matters into their own hands.
A gunshot shattered a glass door Wednesday at a Salisbury office of the Maryland Republican Party, according to a party statement.

The party published the statement on its website, indicating that a single gunshot shattered the front door at the office early in the morning.

Salisbury police officers discovered the shattered glass after midnight and reported that the office had been vandalized.

The statement indicated that a party staffer found a bullet in the office.

Unlike when Democrats mascots are allegedly attacked, no motive was reported.
"Thankfully no one was hurt during this incident and the Maryland Republican Party is cooperating with the Salisbury police department to get to the bottom of this very disturbing situation," Scott said. "No motive has been established but whatever the reason may be, it is very troubling that someone would do this to our volunteer field office."
Were it a Democrat office the Tea Party would no doubt be to blame, even if it turned out to be a lefty blogger.

Michael Bloomberg was unavailable for comment.

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