Thursday, August 26, 2010

Send Allen West To Congress Florida

LTC (Ret) West won his primary battle to be the Republican representative for Florida's 22nd congressional district. His opponent in the general election will be the current incumbent Ron Klein.

For some reason when I visited Mr Klein's web site I had trouble figuring out which political party he belonged to, even though I already knew. It appears to be another case of a Democrat running away from the brand. If you snoop around a little you will find a reference to him being a Democrat, but the real enlightening part is all the information he has up touting his bona fides to the military community. It is almost as if he knew who his opponent would be and went to work trying to improve his street cred in the military and veteran community.

I want Allen West to win this seat so bad. He is just the sort of guy we need in Washington. He is a leader not a manager. He doesn't run from anything he has done and unless you want the truth don't ask the question.

So Florida, please pull your collective heads out of your fourth point of contact and send Allen West to congress.

And if you don't know the story of LTC (Ret) Allen West do a little snooping around the intertubes. I think you will find yourself learning about a man that you would follow through hell with gasoline soaked underwear.

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