Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Introducing PuffHost's UnderTheBus

The insipid Internet yenta is promising citizen journalism like we've never seen. Because she's inventing it!
We're calling it Off The Bus (OffTheBus.Net), a name that captures the essence of what we're looking to accomplish. Our disparate mix of citizen reporters won't be part of the mainstream pack covering the campaigns -- and will come at it from a wide range of different angles and perspectives, adding a new dimension to campaign journalism.
A wide angle indeed. There will be left, far left, kook fringe, Maoists, Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists, Trotskyites, Chavez fans, and Castro acolytes with a sprinkle of Democrats added in for extra flavor.
OffTheBus.Net is set to launch in the middle of July. And Jay and I, protective parents that we are, have spent the last few months looking for the people who are going to raise our creative offspring. After a lot of interviews, we believe we have found the perfect pair: Amanda Michel and Zack Exley.

Amanda will be the OffTheBus Project Director, overseeing day-to-day operations, while Zack will serve as the project's Senior Advisor, consulting on all aspects of its development and working as an OffTheBus roving correspondent.

Both have extensive backgrounds in Internet politics. Zack worked as the director of online communications and organizing for the Kerry campaign in 2004 and also directed the online efforts of Tony Blair's British Labor Party during its 2005 campaign. And Amanda worked on the Internet teams of Howard Dean and Kerry-Edwards in 2004, before becoming involved with NewAssignment.Net.
Wow, such diversity. One who worked for Howard Dean, the other for Lerch. No doubt they'll be bringing us a wide array of political thought.

Groundbreaking stuff.

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