Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where Are the Apologies to the Duke Lacrosse Players?

Thomas Sowell wonders when all those who convicted the Duke lacrosse players in the media will man up and apologize.

I wouldn't waste time waiting.
The New York Times, which splashed these Duke students' pictures on the front page, along with inflammatory charges against them, and went ballistic on its editorial page, carried the story of Nifong's disbarment for prosecuting them on page 16.

The 88 Duke University faculty members who took out a hysterical ad, supporting those local loudmouths who were denouncing and threatening the Duke students, have apparently had nothing at all to say now.

Not only did many Duke University professors join the lynch mob atmosphere, so did the Duke University administration, which got rid of the lacrosse coach and cancelled the team's season, without a speck of evidence that anybody was guilty of anything.

This is one of the few times when Jesse Jackson is speechless, even though he was loudly supporting the bogus "rape" charges last year.
One of the pillars of liberalism is never having to admit you were wrong. You just latch onto another phony cause and pretend your previous misdeeds never happened.

The Duke 88, The New York Times and Jesse Jackson all have some things in common. They lack human decency, credibility, honesty and maturity. In other words, they're perfect liberals.
Don't expect any of these people to recant or apologize. But be aware of how wide and how deep the moral dry rot goes.

That such people are teaching students at an elite university is a chilling thought. That they promote a campus atmosphere where political correctness trumps the search for truth is painful.

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