Thursday, January 31, 2008

Afghan vet faces enemy without body armor

First up is Chuck Ziegenfuss' take and comments on this confrontation. You'll have to excuse Chuck's language but just getting home from your 35th trip into the operating room and maybe not quite adjusted to the new meds will do that to you. For more info read the entries from his wife who has been keeping everybody informed of his trials and travails.

Of course Uncle Jimbo over at Blackfive couldn't leave so much red meat laying on the ground. (scroll down for his comments)
As for me. This soldier shows why we are winning in Iraq and Afghanistan. He doesn't hide behind shields and he saw a chance to confront directly some of the very people who have made his job harder and more deadly then it already was. The fine congress critters sitting in front of him showed they are not worthy to wash his ACU's. If a lone soldier in civilian clothes can draw such a dismissive attitude it kind of makes you wonder how they would act if faced with the same physical dangers the soldier is exposed to. Courage comes in many forms. More times then not it is moral courage that is harder to muster then physical courage. This young man proves he has plenty of both.

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