Thursday, January 24, 2008

Israel to Egypt: Take Gaza, It's Yours

But when that idea was floated, let's just say that the Egyptians were less then receptive.
"This is a wrong assumption," Hossam Zaki, the official spokesman for Egypt's Foreign Ministry, said of Israeli hints that it was thinking of giving up administration of Gaza, including supplying electricity, now that the Palestinian territory's southern border with Egypt is open.
Anybody else see the irony in this? For so long, Israel has been condemmed for its' treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza, and now when they say to another Muslim country here you can take over, they quickly backpedal.

The Egyptians, of course, don't want these loose cannons running around in their country and apparently feel it's much better to bash Israel then to actually step and try to do something to help these poor "refugees".

Of course, that is what the EU, US, and UN are for. Bigger suckers were never found.
In the past two days, Gazans have stocked up on supplies in Egypt, including cement, fuel, generators and other staples. Israel then stopped emergency shipments of industrial diesel fuel, arguing that Gazans were now able to get supplies from Egypt.
Along with big screen tv's, stereos, music devices, etc. You know, all the essentials of life.

Think of Katrina survivors with shopping carts full of beer and looted goods.

Although this will never happen since there is no way a Muslim country will permit anything to do with the Palestinians happen in their countries, especially after they have all kicked them out and hung them like a millstone around the necks of the Israelis.

But it is fun to watch the heads popping in Egypt at the mere mention of them having to take over responsibility for the culture of the perpetual victims.

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