Sunday, January 27, 2008

How unenthusiastic are Republican voters this year?

Based on the early turnouts Republican voters are not too happy with the choices they have. The totals for the four states for which there is data shows the Democrats doing a much better job at getting the vote out. The states I used to gather this data are IA, NH, MI, and SC.

There were no totals for NE, the IA results are estimates and only the Republicans have had a primary in WY so I didn't include WY in the totals. Total number of voters.

Democrats - 955,493
Republicans - 689,500

It will be interesting to keep an eye on the turnout for both parties. No doubt the Democrats will continue to get big turnouts. Nothing like the little race/gender war that they have ginned up to get out the voters.

And if I hear one more person say they voted for XYZ because of charisma, looks, or good speaking I am absolutely going to puke. For some reason I don't think those are the qualities our enemies are looking for.

They are looking for who is the biggest fool they can pull the wool over the eyes of or who is going to be most willing to surrender to their demands. The Islamic extremists want the person most afraid of confrontation.

For the folks that didn't see my post yesterday about a new face in the Republican race click here to learn about Jerry Curry, somebody who needs to get his message and his face out there fast.

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