Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Show the UN some love

Something called the Better World Campaign is hosting a blog asking for your input on what the new president of the United States should do on their first day in office. And just to help you out they are giving you the topics or labels for your posts if you choose to leave a comment. They are US Image in the world, Iraq, Nuclear Proliferation, Terrorism, Peacekeeping, Poverty, Democracy in the World, Climate and energy, and Global Womens Issues. Hmmmm no choices for ending membership in the UN or kicking the UN out of the US. How about a simple butt out of our affairs. It is also curious that the first post on the blog is from Joe Wilson and his topic? End cowboy diplomacy.
The Better World Campaign (BWC) works to strengthen the relationship between the United States and the United Nations through outreach, communications, and advocacy. We encourage U.S. leadership to enhance the UN’s ability to carry out its invaluable international work on behalf of peace, progress, freedom, and justice. In these efforts, we engage policy makers, the media, and the American public to increase awareness of and support for the United Nations.

Here is John Bolton showing them some love. So if you are so inclined head on over to Day One and leave them a comment or two.

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