Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh, the Heartbreak

This New York Giants fan can never have enough of poking fun at the Dallas Cowboys.

It appears their golden boy quarterback, Tony Romo, who has yet to win a playoff game but was lavished with a $67 million contract after one season, has dumped bleach-blond bimbo Jessica Simpson.

I wonder if there's anything we can do to help the lovebirds patch things up?
At least they'll always have Mexico.

Dallas Cowboys star Tony Romo has reportedly dumped Jessica Simpson, who was widely blamed for costing him a shot at the Super Bowl.

"Tony is now starting to blame her himself," a pal told OK! magazine. "Before dating Jessica, he was Texas' golden boy. Now he's become a joke."

A few days after the Giants bounced the Cowboys from the playoffs, Romo called the "Dukes of Hazzard" star to tell her their romance was over.

"He said he thought it was better if they went back to being friends," a pal of hers said.

A final breaking point came when Romo told Simpson he wouldn't move to L.A. - and she responded there was no way she could leave Tinseltown.
In addition to blaming Simpson, Cowboy fans may also want to blame their inept coach and the fact the Giants were the superior team when it mattered.

: Hot Air's resident Cowboy fan is most buoyed by the news.

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