Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pantsuit: Bill's Been a Racist Asshole Because He's Tired

Gag alert. She claims he also has been behaving like the boor we've always known him to be because he loves her.

Hillary Clinton admitted Sunday her husband Bill's hard-charging campaign tactics had gone overboard, but chalked the ex-president's fiery broadsides up to love and a chronic lack of sleep.

A day after rival Barack Obama trounced her in the South Carolina primary, the former first lady also mounted a vigorous defense of the two Clinton White House terms, which Obama has said did not spark transformational change.

Clinton was asked on CBS television's "Face the Nation" whether her husband was "out of control" after he took the Illinois senator, and the media to task, during a foul-tempered week-long campaign.

"You know, my husband has such a great commitment to me and to my campaign," the New York senator said.

"He loves me just like, you know, husbands and wives get out there and work on each others' behalf."

She blamed the tensions of the tight battle for the party's presidential nomination

"Maybe he got a little carried away. You know, that comes with a hard-fought election," she said.

"It also comes with sleep deprivation which, you know, I think is marking all of us, our families, our supporters," said Clinton, who herself is running low on sleep, as she jets back-and-forth across the country.
You know, she says you know way too often.

Here's something I do know. These two vile lowlifes have been a blot on our nation's existence for far too long, and now the left is even realizing this.

You know, it would be nice if this hag was sent packing Super Tuesday.

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