Friday, January 25, 2008

Rezko Photographed With Notorious Criminals

Naturally, the smartest woman in the world has no recollection.
"Today" show host Matt Lauer asked presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on Friday if she has a connection to indicted developer Tony Rezko after flashing an undated photo of the two posing with President Bill Clinton.

"You were attacking Senator Obama, in particular, his work connected to what was a so-called a slumlord in Chicago, a guy named Tony Rezko," Lauer said. "You can't see what I'm going put up on the screen ... but it is a picture of you and your husband Bill Clinton posing with that same man."

Lauer said he they were unable to verify when the photo was taken, but it most likely happened during Bill Clinton's presidency.

Clinton said she did not remember taking the picture and said she doesn't even remember meeting Rezko.

"I've probably taken hundreds of thousands of pictures," Clinton said. "I don't know the man, I wouldn't know him if he walked in the door, I don't have a 17-year-relationship with him."
Since her lips were moving, we can only conclude she's lying.

Do we really want to trust the presidency with someone who has selective amnesia?

By the way, in case anyone hasn't checked, here's a list of political contributions Rezko and his family have made since 1991.

He gave plenty to Barack Obama, but also to many others, both Republicans and Democrats, including George W. Bush, Barbara Boxer (former Clinton in-law), Jesse Jackson, Jr., John Kerry, Al Gore, Dick Durbin, the RNC, and the DNC.

I find it most amusing how this pathological liar would even bring up suspicious contributors considering how one of her biggest donors recently pled guilty and is in prison.

Does this man look familiar? Will anyone even ask her about it?

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