Wednesday, January 23, 2008


As further evidence of the pernicious and deliberate undermining of marriage that is such a key element of the liberal mindset, Heterosexual married couples are no longer regarded as the "norm" in Britain, according to the largest survey of social attitudes here.

Yes - Government support for gay couples and single parents, the rise in cohabitation and an official failure to support traditional marriage are said to have resulted in previously unconventional lifestyles becoming widely accepted. Imagine that!

The annual report by the National Centre for Social Research says marriage - once the bedrock institution of British society - is seen by two thirds of people as virtually indistinguishable from cohabitation. Only one in four people thinks married couples make better parents than unmarried ones, while a third believe that gay male couples are as capable of being good parents as a man and a woman.

The survey exposes the decline in the importance of marriage with the finding that most people see weddings as an excuse for a party rather than a public declaration of lifelong commitment.

So - we are now at the stage where, as Cole Porter put it, anything goes in Britain - and where all lifestyles and arrangements are considered equally valid. This is a triumph for the propagandist message of moral relativism pumped out day in day out by the MSM and beloved by all good liberals. Meanwhile, the COST of family breakdown costs Britain £24 BILLION a year and rising.

Maybe we just need more gay parents to take the strain?

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