Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aww, Tommy's Footsie Hurts

Gee, it would be such a shame if Tom Brady was hobbling around for Super Bowl XLII.
Tom Brady hasn't been brutally beaten down by the Giants yet - but at least the petal-pushing flower boy is limping.

The cocky quarterback for the undefeated New England Patriots was caught hobbling to the West Village home of his gal pal, Gisele Bundchen, yesterday - carrying a box of pretty little posies.

A day after the Pats' win over the San Diego Chargers propelled them to the Super Bowl against the Giants, Brady sported an orthopedic, open-foot brace on his right leg as he struggled with luggage and the box of white flowers.

Brady was later spotted wearing the boot and hobbling out of the East Village nightspot Butter, with Gisele, early this morning.
Take good care of him, Giselle.

The Giants don't want to hear any excuses after the game.

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