Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Democrat Desperation: 'There are Overtones of Potential Racial Coding in the Campaign'

Actually, Dave, there are overtones of obnoxious stupidity and desperate politics, but if you plan on entering the presidential race as an Obama surrogate, you just better be sure you've cleaned up your own personal mess sufficiently. We don't want to have to bring up all those nights at the Days Inn with your assorted girlfriends and your past drug use again, OK? Wouldn't be polite.
New York Gov. David Paterson said Tuesday the McCain-Palin presidential campaign insinuated racist overtones into criticism of Sen. Barack Obama's work as a community organizer.

"There are overtones of potential racial coding in the campaign," Paterson said at an event in New York City.
Oooh, potential racial coding! Run for the hills, boy and girls, can images of hoods and burning crosses be far behind? Bet you ass there will be once Obama unleashes the 527's, though of course he'll condemn that while tacitly supporting it.
Paterson says the Republican candidates haven't directly talked about race, but it's strongly implied in comments Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and others have made about Obama.

"The Republican party is too smart to call Barack Obama 'black' in a sense that it would be a negative," Paterson said. "But you can take something about his life, which I noticed they did at the Republican convention. A 'community organizer,' they kept saying it, they kept laughing, like what does this mean?

"It means that an individual who could have gone to Wall Street and made a lot of money, and then run for office because he could buy media time, chose to go back and work in programs in a neighborhood where he thought he could make a difference and became an elected official based on his involvement right in his own community."

Peter Feldman, a spokesman for Sen. John McCain, says the accusation is untrue.

"This is a tactic that the Obama campaign has used before, and which McCain campaign manager Rick Davis correctly called divisive, shameful, and wrong," Feldman said. "Governor Palin's remark about Barack Obama's work as a community organizer was in response to the Obama campaign's belittling of her executive experience."
Which is exactly what it was. Not only that, Obama and his surrogates snidely referred to her as Mayor, conveniently overlooking the fact she's a sitting Governor.

If Obama is so proud of his days as a community organizer street activist, tell us what he accomplished. We know Palin's record, man up and show us yours, Barry.

These people are just desperate and every day are getting more shrill and nasty, shamelessly playing the race card.

It won't work.

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