Monday, September 08, 2008

Just In Case the Left Isn't Having a Lousy Enough Day, Here's Another Poll to Compound the Depression

I'm detecting a trend.
Both Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain solidified support among party loyalists during the conventions, but it was the Republican nominee who entered the presidential campaign's final stretch with newfound momentum, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

McCain, lifted by increasing enthusiasm for his candidacy and a jump in support among white women, has wiped away Obama's pre-convention advantages. Among all registered voters, the contest is now basically deadlocked -- 47 percent for Obama, 46 percent for McCain. It is also about even among those who say they are most likely vote -- 49 percent for McCain, 47 percent for Obama.
This now has McCain ahead in five of seven polls released the past 24 hours, and tied in the remaining two.

Dig down in the story, though, and you'll see some bad news for the community organizer.
McCain has a 17-point lead on which candidate can best handle an unexpected crisis and, for the first time, a double-digit advantage as the one more trusted on international affairs. McCain also has a 10-point lead on dealing with the war in Iraq, an issue that voters had been divided on since the outset of the campaign.
Experience counts, and Obama doesn't have it. They can squeal all they want about Sarah Palin, but frankly, I trust her more than I do Obama. Or Biden, for that matter.

It gets better.
Many of McCain's gains on these questions come from shifting support among white women. That group now gives McCain a 10-point advantage on who can deal best with the economy; before the Democratic convention, Obama held a 12-point edge. On Iraq, the two were tied among white women in late August, but McCain now has a 22-point advantage. There were similarly large shifts in whom the group favored on social issues, international affairs, energy, values and consistency in issues positions.
Funny, but I don't hear any talk about Obamacans these days. Anyone had a Jim Leach or Chuck Hagel sighting lately?

Further bleak news for Obama:
But Obama hasn't completely won over former supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, nearly a quarter of whom (23 percent) said they will support the McCain. At the same time, 78 percent of women who wanted Clinton to win the nomination back Obama, a new high.

With partisan lock-in now higher, the race for independents will invariably heat up. In the new poll, independents now break narrowly for McCain -- 50 to 43 percent. It's a small advantage but the Republican's first of the campaign.
A small, narrow seven-point advantage?

Speaking of small, narrow seven-point leads, that's now what McCain has in Ohio. up from the teensy-weensy, microscopic four-point lead in August.

Seems also to look like Republicans are much more enthusiastic about their VP selection than Democrats are.
Fifty-three percent of registered voters - including 85 percent of McCain supporters - are glad Palin was selected as McCain's running mate. Obama supporters are less enthusiastic about Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden: Just 65 percent of Obama backers are glad the Delaware senator was selected as Obama's running mate. Forty-eight percent of registered voters overall are glad Biden was selected.
Naturally, Ace is enjoying himself.

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