Sunday, September 07, 2008

McCain Surges in Gallup Poll, Now Up 48-45%

The media will do their best to downplay the stunning reversal in numbers from just a week ago, when Obama led 50-42%. An 11-point swing in one week?

Palin-mania, baby!
The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update shows John McCain moving ahead of Barack Obama, 48% to 45%, when registered voters are asked for whom they would vote if the presidential election were held today.

These results are based on Sept. 4-6 interviewing, and include two full days of polling after the conclusion of the Republican National Convention last Thursday night. McCain has outpolled Obama on both Friday and Saturday, and is receiving a convention bounce just as Obama did last week.
McCain's 48% share of the vote ties for his largest since Gallup tracking began in early March. He registered the same level of support in early May. This is also McCain's largest advantage over Obama since early May, when he led by as much as six percentage points.
Rasmussen now has it tied, also showing a significant uptick for McCain.

I detect a trend.

You just know the left is freaking out over this. Obama's media and blog handmaidens' relentless and vicious attacks on Sarah Palin clearly have backfired, which will only make them more desperate.

It should be something to behold.

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