Friday, September 05, 2008

The Moonbats are Frothing: Palin Didn't Actually Sell Governor's Plane on eBay

Wow, this is really pathetic.
One of the compelling anecdotes about Sarah Palin is that she auctioned off the Alaska governor's jet on eBay after taking office -- a swift move made by a reformer hoping to clean up the excesses of her predecessor.

But in fact, the jet did not sell on eBay. It was sold to a businessman from Valdez named Larry Reynolds, who paid $2.1 million for the jet, shy of the original $2.7 million purchase price, according to contemporaneous news reports, including a story in the New York Times.

Dan Spencer, the director of administrative services for Alaska's Public Safety Department, said that the Republican speaker of the Alaska House, John L. Harris, brokered the deal. Reynolds made campaign contributions to both Palin and Harris in 2006 and 2007.

What happened? It appears that, as promised during her bid for governor in 2006, Palin did try to sell the plane on eBay but that doing so was not as easy as it might have sounded. After putting it up to auction, there was one serious bid, in December 2006, and it fell through. Still, the Westwind II was sold about eight months later, achieving Palin's goal of ridding the state of a luxury item.
Morons. Absolute fucking morons.

She said she "put it on eBay" not sold it. It was listed on there, but sold another way.

Are they really this desperate to play gotcha?

Apparently, yes.

Naturally, this gives some leftwing twits carte blanche to call her a pathological liar. Of course, the bottom feeders are up in arms.

Do these rubes think anyone really gives a shit about this?

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