Monday, September 15, 2008

'People Are Really Scared That McCain Is Gaining'

Fear is a great motivator, especially among the pampered Hollywood elite, who are being hit up twice tomorrow night by moneybags Obama.

So afraid they're willing to pony up $28,500 just to bask in the glow of a lightweight street activist.

Hey, who am I to tell these morons how to spend their money?
Celebrities have taken a serious drubbing from Republicans this political season. But this week they will prove again that they’re good at raising gobs of money for Democrats.

Barack Obama has planned appearances at back-to-back Beverly Hills fundraisers Tuesday evening, with the events on track to raise more than $9 million combined, possibly breaking the single-day fundraising record.

Fundraising “records” are difficult to verify, given the nature of campaign bookkeeping, in which bills are recorded by date paid, not the date expenses were incurred. Much of the money raised at Tuesday’s twin events — a dinner reception at a historic estate, followed by a concert starring headliner Barbra Streisand — will go directly to the Democratic National Committee, while other dollars will be funneled into Obama’s own campaign coffers.

The first event will cost $28,500 per person for dinner at the Greystone Estate. Upwards of 250 high rollers — including some of the biggest executives in film, television and music — will munch gourmet chow and get to hang out with the candidate, enjoying a little face time and posing for personal pictures. A few spaces are left but the event is expected to sell out by Monday afternoon, possibly bringing in more than $8 million before expenses are subtracted.

For a second, soldout event Tuesday evening, the Obama caravan will travel just 2½ miles to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where a reception and concert will spotlight Streisand and several other performers. In addition to those attending the earlier dinner, who also get into the concert, about 500 others are set to attend just the musical affair, at $2,500 per ticket, meaning the show should rake in an additional $1.25 million.
I only wish Obama would do a nightly fundraiser out there. It'll ensure his defeat.
Fear is also a great motivator. With the rapid rise of rival Sen. John McCain in the national polls over the past week and the hubbub surrounding his vice presidential pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a renewed sense of urgency has gripped Democrats. Those in the entertainment business seem especially aware that a new leading lady mysteriously dropped into the final act of a thriller can dramatically alter the previously predictable storyline.

“People are really scared that McCain is gaining,” said a Hollywood politico involved with Tuesday’s fundraiser. “In my 20 years here, I have never seen folks write checks like this.”
He's not gaining, moron. He's winning, in case you haven't noticed.

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