Friday, October 17, 2008

Do You Dream in Black and White or Technicolor?

I guess I'll have to sleep on this one and get back to you in the morning. Though I still have nightmares of being stuck with only seven channels as a kid.
The colour of your dreams could depend on your childhood TV viewing.

The over-55s, who grew up watching black-and-white programmes and films, are more likely to dream in monochrome, research suggests.

And the under-25s, who have watched colour TV all their lives, tend to have equally colourful adventures in the Land of Nod.

The study's authors say their research should put an end to decades of debate on whether dreams really are in black and white or in colour.

Research from the first half of the 20th century suggested that most dreams are in black and white.

But results from tests in the 1960s and later suggested that up to 80 per cent of dreams contain some colour.

Since this period marked the transition between black-and-white film and TV and widespread Technicolor, an obvious explanation was that television was influencing dreams, but differences between the studies prevented the researchers from drawing any firm conclusions.

Later studies asked subjects to complete dream diaries as soon as they woke up, but the earlier research used questionnaires completed in the middle of the day, so the subjects might have simply forgotten colour elements to their dreams and assumed they were grey.
What kind of dreams did people have before television?

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