Friday, October 17, 2008

'We're Going to Change the Country and Change the World'

I hope this moron realizes the rest of the world also has a say in things.

Remarkably, he then warned his worshipers not to get cocky.


If ever there was a man more full of himself, please identify him. They may need to blow out some walls in the Oval Office so he can fit his ego in.
The supremely confident demeanour and exalted rhetoric of the Democratic nominee at a New Hampshire event betrayed that he is a man convinced he is poised to make history.

While his Republican opponent John McCain, trailing in the polls, is pursuing a strategy of eking out a victory in traditional swing states, Mr Obama is transferring resources to conservative strongholds like Georgia, West Virginia and even Kentucky in pursuit of a landslide victory.

Speaking in an apple orchard against the picture-perfect New England backdrop of an red, green and yellow autumn foliage on a stage adorned with pumpkins and hay bales, Mr Obama reminded voters of the dangers of hubris.
The One is warning others of hubris. You can't write comedy like this.
But much of Mr Obama's speech in Londonderry - punctuated by cries of "We all love you Obama", "I love you" and "We will work with you" - was devoted to the kind of quasi-religious sentiments and motivational-coach style exhortations, the kind of pride that set him up for a big fall in January.

"I want you to believe," said the candidate, clad in an open-necked shirt and barn jacket. "Not so much believe just in me but believe in yourselves. Believe in the future. Believe in the future we can build together. I'm confident together we can't fail."

There was a carnival atmosphere among the crowd of some 4,000, who almost drowned Mr Obama out as he reached his crescendo and said: "I promise you. We won't just win New Hampshire. We will win this election and, you and I together, we're going to change the country and change the world."
I think I'm going to vomit.

For all the blather about McCain having to shore up red states, nobody seems to notice Obama is busy campaigning New Hampshire, a state Kerry won in 2004. Guess that doesn't fit the idolatry narrative.

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