Saturday, October 18, 2008

WaPo: Just In Case You Haven't Had Enough McCain Cancer Stories, Here's Another

Barack Obama's doctor released one page "detailing" his medical history. John McCain released 1,173 pages. The media has gone through miles of news copy agonizing over every last detail of McCain's health, ominously implying he's about to keel over, leaving us with this naif Sarah Palin as president, and as we all know, she frightens and terrifies people.

So just in case you haven't heard it all before, the Washington Post, fresh off their endorsement of the nuanced Barack Obama for president, rehashes it all again. You know, just in case you didn't know it all already(wink, wink).
In May, the presidential campaign of 72-year-old cancer survivor John McCain tried to put to rest doubts about his health by allowing a few reporters to inspect his medical records, but the effort has failed to quell questions about his odds of surviving an eight-year tenure in the White House.

One loosely organized group of physicians has been claiming in Web-based videos, op-ed columns and newspaper ads that McCain's risk of dying from a recurrence of the skin cancer he had treated eight years ago may be as high as 60 percent.
Of course it failed to quell questions. Because no matter what McCain does, the media just isn't going to let go of this.

How about an in-depth story on why Obama's flimsy one-page history has failed to quell questions about his health?

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