Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ackerman Compares Inexperienced Schlossberg to Palin

A couple of weeks ago the New York Democrat said Jennifer Lopez was just as qualified as Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg to be a senator from New York, which was a valid comparison if you ask me, based on her experience, which is zero.

Now, however, Ackerman is getting stupid by claiming Schlossberg has the same amount of experience as Sarah Palin. Uh, Congressman, in case you hadn't noticed, Sarah Palin is a sitting governor, which, last I checked, is an elected office, not a political appointment. Look, I understand these Democrats are obsessed with Palin, but if you want to try and compare her to Schlossberg, is just isn't valid.
A Democratic congressman is comparing Caroline Kennedy to Sarah Palin, saying the would-be senator has yet to prove she has the "guts and the gumption" to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Guts and gumption? Who was it for three months has every aspect of her life trashed and her character smeared by the left and stood tall throughout?

It was Sarah Palin. She's got more guts the the entire Democratic Party combined.

Let's face it. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is painfully unqualified to be a United States senator. You know it, I know it, the media knows it and dare I say, Schlossberg herself knows it. If she wasn't born a Kennedy she'd wouldn't be given the time of day.

To lump her in with Palin, a woman who got where she is by her own doing, not by winning a genetic lottery, is an absurd comparison.

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