Sunday, December 21, 2008

'It's Very Ironic That Sen. Dodd Is the One Who Called for Rick Wagoner To Be Removed'

Ah yes, irony. For the most part the media doesn't do irony. Especially when it comes to their fair-haired boys in the Democratic Party. Considering Chris Dodd, he of the favorable mortgage rates, and the High Priestess of the House Banking Committee, Barney Frank, are more responsible for the mortgage meltdown that anyone else, you'd think more people would point out the rank hypocrisy. Well, at least someone gets it.
As the federal government keeps promising to come up with $14 billion or so to help the domestic auto industry keep one foot out of the grave, talk has swirled that there would have to be changes at the top.

A federal "car czar" is on tap to sweat the details, like which people and products stay and which go, so the CEOs have been in the crosshairs – with the bull's eye squarely on General Motors' Rick Wagoner.

Wagoner has headed what's soon to be the world's No. 2 automaker since 2000, closing down Oldsmobile, pumping up SUV sales and negotiating a more favorable deal with the United Auto Workers. Yet, some debating the bailout say he's gotta go.

"An oversight board will do a deep dive into the people, products and manufacturing in the auto industry and determine who and what stays," says Dave Cole, chairman of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Good luck, Rick.

"It's very ironic that Sen. [Christopher] Dodd [D-Conn.] is the one who called for Rick Wagoner to be removed," Cole adds. "It was Sen. Dodd who, as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, has said people who couldn't afford homes should have homes. So he is one of the primary causes of the nation's banking and financial meltdown."

Now in a case where predictability supersedes irony, here come out friends at the New York Times to lay the mortgage crisis at the feet of--surprise!--George W. Bush. They produce an exhaustive six-page story on the mortgage meltdown and the names Barney Frank and Chris Dodd aren't even mentioned.


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