Friday, December 19, 2008

'Blood Was Everywhere...'

For my next trick, ladies and gentleman, I'll have my assistant sucked into a giant fan. And here all these years I thought David Copperfield's greatest trick was nailing Claudia Schiffer.
Magic can be dangerous.

One of David Copperfield's assistants learned that the hard way on Wednesday when he walked into an industrial fan used in Copperfield's Las Vegas stage show.

"During an illusion where David attempts to walk through the rotating blades of a 12-foot high industrial fan, the fan and its platform were being rotated by one of David's illusion technicians," a rep for the show told "Just prior to David himself walking through the fan, [the assistant] was accidentally pulled into the vortex of the moving fan blades, causing injury to his arm and face."
A shame it wasn't that preening, pretentious asshole Copperfield himself.
The assistant, named Brandon (his last name is being withheld for his privacy), required extensive surgery to his arm and face, said the rep.

An audience member who attended Copperfield's "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion" told that "blood was everywhere, and the other assistants dragged the victim back."

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