Sunday, December 28, 2008

When In Doubt, Blame Bush For Gaza

After eight years of blaming Bush for everything, it's just by reflex now that he gets blamed for Israel properly defending itself against ongoing rocket attacks by the terror gang Hamas.

Naturally, this simpleton at Daily Kos goes the intellectually lazy route.
1. They have been unable to calm down the Israeli government and to convince them to minimize their actions.

2. They have exaggerated extreme feelings in the Arab world that resulted in Palestinians switching to Hamas instead of the much more moderate Fatah.

3. They have provided zero (0, null) leadership in the middle east.

4. They have given the wrong example by violating international law and randomly destroying another country (Iraq).

5. They are incompetent to handle international crises.

6. They suck in general.
Such keen insight.

Speaking of simpletons, E&P publisher Greg Mitchell, living in an absolute fantasy world, actually believes the American media is slanted in favor on Israel. Good grief, do these people have any clue? Apparently not.

Now I wonder why there isn't any outrage on the "Arab street" over the fact Egypt is opening fire on Palestinians? Is that also Bush's fault?

Others, meanwhile, lament that poor Barack Obama is a victim.

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