Friday, December 26, 2008

Crackpot Columnist Nails Down 'Raging Moonbat of the Year' Award

This guy certainly has enough competition out there. You have the editorial board of the New York Times, along with their stable of delusional columnists, that probably would get an annual group award. But for pure unvarnished anger, seething rage and unbridled derangement of the highest order, nothing can top this unhinged screed from syndicated columnist Robert Scheer.
In the end, the shame of Vice President Dick Cheney was total: unmitigated by any notion of a graceful departure, let alone the slightest obligation of honest accounting. Although firmly ensconced, even in the popular imagination, as an example of evil incarnate - nearly a quarter of those polled rated him the worst vice president in U.S. history, and another 41 percent as "poor" in this week's CNN poll - Cheney exudes the confidence of one fully convinced that he will get away with it all.
So, 25% of a dubious CNN poll claiming he's the worst VP in history (and let's face it, how many vice presidents could the respondents even name?) makes him evil incarnate? Getting a little hyperbolic there, Bob.
And why not? Nothing, not his suspect role in the Enron debacle, which foretold the economic meltdown, or his office's fabrication of the false reasons for invading Iraq, have ever been seriously investigated because of White House stonewalling. Nor is the new president, committed as he is to nonpartisanship, likely to open up Cheney's can of worms.
We may have a record there. Three blatant falsehoods in merely one paragraph. First of all, when Enron collapsed in 2001, there had already been a long track record there of over-reporting earnings dating back to at least 1997. Obviously the left loves to link Enron's collapse with Republicans, but to suggest that what happened seven years ago was a pre-cursor for today is simply delusional. Considering Bush inherited a recession from Clinton, then saw six straight years of growth while president, how exactly does that relate to 2008? Naturally, Scheer ignores any notion that the mortgage collapse and the Democrats involved in that having anything to do with the economic conditions today.

Second, where is there evidence, as he claims, that Cheney fabricated reasons to invade Iraq? I understand liberals have short memories, but we went through 17 UN resolutions and the reasons for ousting Saddam Hussein were pretty clear to the world community. If Scheer still wants to dispute what transpired six years ago in the buildup to the Iraq invasion, they he can have at it. Maybe some day he might realize nobody is listening.

The most laughable assertion is this: "the new president, committed as he is to nonpartisanship". Is he for real? Joe Biden is committed to nonpartisanship? Good grief. Even Scheer regular readers (God help their souls) must have chuckled at that.
The invocation of a "global war on terror" is a big-lie propaganda device that has no grounding in reality. The proof that "terrorism" does not exist as an enemy identifiable by commonality of structure, purpose and leadership comparable to the World War II Axis or the confederacy can be found in its use as a target to justify the invasion of Iraq. An invasion billed as a response to the 9/11 attack, which had nothing to do with Iraq
Again, the removal of Saddam Hussein was not related to 9/11. Noboody evr said it was. Sure, it followed as a matter of course in the broader war against rogue regimes and terror organizations. But where is the evidence Cheney or Bush ever said Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11? There is none. But the idea of removing a sponsor of terrorism and a man who violated ceasefire agreements dating back to the first Gulf War was a good one. I know Scheer doesn't want to admit it, but huge majorities of Democrats also voted to invade Iraq, even the nonpartisan Joe Biden.

It must be great to live in a fantasy world where you can rewrite history, make up history to fit current delusions and completely ignore reality. One reality Scheer and his ilk never will acknowledge is that since 9/11 there hasn't been a single terror attack against this country and for that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney deserve a lot of gratitude. I doubt they'll miss a second of sleep knowing the bitter left will never be thankful. History will judge them far better than today's media does and when an objective telling of the Bush administration is finally told, thankfully a bitter old crank like Robert Scheer will be long gone.

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