Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pali Sympathizers Try to Interrupt Obama Tee Time

Heaven forbid out Dear Leader-elect has his precious energies sidetracked by a couple of wacko terrorist sympathizers.
After loading his clubs onto a cart, Obama, wearing sunglasses, a white shirt, khaki shorts, white and brown golf shoes, and a red baseball cap emblazoned with the City and County of Honolulu's Ocean Safety logo, drove down to the driving range....

Prior to leaving for the course at about 11 a.m., a group of five people approached the security checkpoint set up by the U.S. Secret Service and Honolulu police carrying a box wrapped with a gold ribbon. The group, led by Fred and Pat Shepherd from Greenbrae, Calif., and Robert Steiver, 65, of Honolulu, asked the Secret Service if they could deliver the box and a letter to Obama.

The Secret Service declined.

Speaking to a reporter, Fred Shepherd said they wanted to deliver the box, which once held "Super Gorilla" golf balls but now contained informational DVD's about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

"I don't think he's taking a vacation, he's preparing to be the next president," said Steiver. "I'm deathly afraid he'll continue the failed policies of the Bush administration. I've been suffering with the Palestinians for years."
Keep suffering, dude.

The angry left is going to have a difficult time rationalizing Obama's vacations once he's in office. They still whining about Bush taking vacations, believe it or not.

Update: Heh. Woman goofs on Obama's bowling. Doesn't she know laughing at Obama is forbidden?
President-elect Barack Obama thought he'd put the bowling jokes behind him. Not likely.

On the golf course Monday, a woman waiting at the 18th green reminded Obama of his disastrous bowling during the presidential campaign. It was an unwelcome reminder for Obama, whose golf game during a 12-day vacation has been just as troublesome.

"That was pretty good, right?" Obama said to cheers as he finished a round of golf near his $9 million rented vacation home near Honolulu.

The woman sitting on a nearby wall shouted, "Better than your bowling."

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