Monday, December 29, 2008

Outrageously Biased CNN Headline: 'World rallies around Palestinians amid Gaza offensive'

The world rallies around them? What world are they talking about?
Israeli attacks on suspected Hamas strongholds in Gaza have triggered protests in more than a dozen countries.
Ooh, a dozen countries? So how does that translate into the world?
In London, England, dozens of protesters gathered outside the Israeli Embassy, waving flags and trying to push their way closer to the building, as police tried to hold them back and erect a barricade.
Oh my God! Dozens of protesters! Why, that sure seems like a healthy representation of the more than five billion people on the planet, no?

Protesters also have taken to the streets in Denmark, France, Italy and Spain, according to news reports. There also were reports of demonstrations in Caracas, Venezuela.

Iranian media reported that thousands took part in anti-Israel demonstrations in Tehran on Monday, which the government declared a day of mourning for the Palestinians in Gaza.
Sure, that Iranian media is always a trust source. Actually, they do have more credibility than CNN these days.
In Iraq, hundreds of supporters of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr demonstrated in al-Mustansiriya Square in eastern Baghdad. The demonstrators carried Iraqi and Palestinian flags, banners and pictures of al-Sadr and his father.

The demonstrators threw an Israeli flag on the ground, put President Bush's picture on top of it and set both on fire.
Well, at least they scared up hundreds in Iraq.

Add up all the estimate from this bogus story and you probably count about 5000 people worldwide, including the professional protesters and other assorted human debris from the far left and sundry terror-supporting groups such as Code Pink and ANSWER.

But to CNN, that's the world rallying around the terrorists from Hamas.

Good grief.

I wonder if they count this moron?

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