Friday, December 26, 2008

Other Than That, They're a Bunch of Homophobic, Inbred Bigots

Since we're pretty much in one of the slower news cycles of the year, this is a good time for the liberal media to assuage their guilt--what little they have--and dump those news items out there they normally would shun when their core audience is actually paying attention.

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs noticed today the New York Times actually give credit to George W. Bush for improving the foundation of health care in the United States.

Yes, really. That same guy they've been at war with for eight years is actually given credit for something, 25 days before leaving office. How swell.

Another item from AP today nearly made me fall of my chair. After being portrayed as evil homophobes for having the temerity to oppose gay marriage, the Mormons have been under a nasty assault from much of the media and the radical gay left. Of course this has occurred while ignoring the fact an overwhelming majority of black and Latino voters also supported Prop 8 in California. You see, it's acceptable and, in fact, encouraged to hate religious groups, and the Mormons are always a favorite target of the angry left.

Well, what do you know, today we find out they're actually not a bunch of fire breathing monsters. Instead they're a compassionate, caring group who look out for each other.
Mormons may be among the country's best prepared to weather the current economic hard times. Since the Great Depression, church leaders have preached a doctrine of self-reliance and selflessness, calling on members to plan for their own future while tending to the needs of others.

"It's a critical component of our theology," said Bishop David Burton, a senior church administrator who oversees the faith's worldwide welfare and humanitarian services programs.

Members are encouraged to squirrel away a few months' worth of living expenses and stock a one-year supply of emergency food. Church handouts, classes and a Web site describe how to prepare, store and cook with emergency food supplies so nothing goes to waste.

Each month, members skip two meals and give the money they would have spent on food to church welfare programs, paying for the commodities, clothing, job training and other services made available to the needy.

The church also works in partnership with other faith traditions and local social service agencies to share surplus commodities and support services.
Self-reliance? Helping the needy? Why, such arcane concepts.

Then again, if enough of the haters see this, they'll probably be criticized for not being government dependent.

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