Friday, December 26, 2008

Pretty Boy Engaged to Supermodel

Aww, isn't this cute?

We haven't had Little Tommy Brady to kick around much since that vicious beating the Giants laid on him in Super Bowl XLII. Well now the guy who abandoned his pregnant girlfriend to shack up with a Brazilian moonbat has gotten engaged.
Celebrity gossip Web site is reporting that sidelined Patriots QB Tom Brady popped the question to his Brazilian supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen during a flight from New Jersey to Boston on Christmas Eve.

The former Victoria Secret model said yes, the Web site is reporting today.

“We’re told Brady was nervous before he popped the Q,” according to three paragraph item posted on the Web site this morning.

Brady had four dozen white roses on board as well as champagne to toast the occasion, TMZ is reporting.

The jet-setting couple took off Christmas Eve from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and landed in Boston, according to TMZ.

Along with Brady and Gisele were her parents.
Nothing like a romantic engagement with the bride-to-be's parents along for the ride.

Update: While noting Bundchen is a flaming moonbat, a commenter wondered what political persuasion Brady was. I honestly hadn't given it any thought as I just like taunting him over stuff like this. Enjoy.

Still, do the math. The guy grew up in San Mateo, his father contributes primarily to Democrats, he's marrying a far-left kook--albeit a pretty hot one--he's currently living in Brooklyn and is based with a team from Massachusetts. Odds of him being a Republican are pretty slim. He's wise, though, to keep his political leanings private, as are most athletes. When you're in the business, why alienate half your audience by being overtly political? He's free to do as he pleases when he retires. The guy would probably make a decent candidate. Sure has the name recognition built in.

Plus, according to this 60 Minutes interview from three years ago, he says he's an independent.
KROFT: You a republican or a democrat?

BRADY: You know, I'm actually independent. I'm actually an independent, and I have been for some time. There's no doubt this world needs a lot of help.

KROFT: You gonna run for office some day? Something you consider?

BRADY: So much of my attention now is focused on playing ball, and I like to do that. And if that chance does come up, and I'm still interested in it, I mean it would be something that I think I could do a decent job at. When you think about things you like to do, you think about things that you could be good at, and that's one thing I think I could be good at. Whether I do it or not, I don't know. Who does?

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