Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brimming With Christmas Sneer: Scientist Whines About Decorative Lights Harming the Planet

Can't people just STFU for five minutes about everything supposedly harming the planet? Is it possible we can get through a Christmas season without people projecting their junk science upon us? Of course not. They can't help themselves.
SCIENTISTS have warned that Christmas lights are bad for the planet due to huge electricity waste and urged people to get energy efficient festive bulbs.

CSIRO researchers said householders should know that each bulb turned on in the name of Christmas will increase emissions of greenhouse gases.

Dr Glenn Platt, who leads research on energy demand, said Australia got 80 per cent of its electricity by burning coal which pumps harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

He said: "Energy efficient bulbs, such as LEDs, and putting your Christmas lights on a timer are two very easy ways to minimise the amount of electricity you use to power your lights."

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