Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Black Eye For CNN

This incident occurred back in December of 2008, but is just now coming to light. The incident involves a CNN Rent-A-Cop and a member of a Christian group who were outside the CNN headquarters in Atlanta doing a little preaching and handing out pamphlets.
Dick Christensen has filed a civil lawsuit against the guard, CNN, and Turner Broadcasting. Christensen said he believes the sidewalk is public property. If it is, Christensen said Turner Security shouldn't have slammed him to the ground and detained him for holding a religious banner there.

His video camera caught the incident on tape.
During the recent Tea Party here in Atlanta we had a group of people, about 50 to 60, who went to the CNN headquarters here with their signs and a couple of bullhorns to make CNN aware of the rally going on down the street. The group then walked the couple of blocks away to join the rally itself. CNN never showed up. I know, I was there. Of course Fox News was there. PJTV was there. Our local stations were there, along with a couple of radio stations. One of the stations was even a rock station, and the DJ's were solidly behind the protest. I wish the folks who had done this had videotaped it or at least had pictures of it.

CNN is breeding a public relations nightmare here locally and I have no doubt that come July 4th, the next scheduled Tea Party, they will be hearing from the folks again. CNN can bully the people, they can attempt to ignore the people, but they can't silence the people.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of the Regular Guys from Rock 100.5 awarding the prize for the best body at the Tea Party.

UPDATE: Speaking of the Regular Guys, I just found out that one of them is flirting with the idea of running for the US Senate to challenge Johnny Isakson of Georgia.

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