Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama's Sleazy Urban Czar Finally Pays His Debts

Normally a guy with this much baggage would have long ago been jettisoned, but hey, we're dealing with the most transparent and honest administration ever, so let's all cut the deadbeat some slack and pretend nobody cares about corrupt hacks in high places.
White House aide Adolfo Carrion has finally paid the architect who designed his home renovation, a transaction that's part of an expanding city probe.

Carrion, the former Bronx borough president who became director of White House urban affairs, wrote out the $4,200 check this week - two years after the renovation was complete and a month after the Daily News exposed it.

The check was written to Hugo Subotovsky, architect of a major Bronx development called Boricua Village, which is at the crux of a Department of Investigation probe. DOI raided the project developer's office Thursday in a bribery and corruption probe.

The firm, Atlantic Development Group, got Carrion's approval for the Subotovsky-designed Boricua Village while Subotovsky was designing Carrion's home renovation.
More here on Thursday's raid.
Investigators Thursday raided the Manhattan office of a major developer who funneled thousands in campaign cash to local politicians, including White House aide Adolfo Carrión.

City Department of Investigation agents spent hours gathering documents from the 155 Sixth Ave. offices of Atlantic Development Group.

Armed with a search warrant from the Manhattan district attorney's office, agents and cops removed dozens of boxes of records.

DOI spokeswoman Diane Struzzi confirmed the raid but declined further comment.

A spokesman for Atlantic, Lee Silberstein, said only: "There's an ongoing investigation, and Atlantic is cooperating with authorities."

One target of the probe is a major Bronx project, Boricua Village, that's at the heart of a Daily News investigation into Carrión, the director of White House urban policy who, until last year, was Bronx borough president.
One would think Obama would be bright enough to tell Carrion to go work out his problems and appoint someone qualified for the job. Would probably save a few headaches if Carrion ultimately faces indictment.

I might add outside the Daily News there seems to be little attention paid this story. Why is that?

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